RE: FW: [squid-users] Access Lists

From: Paul Harlow <>
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 09:02:33 -0700

Let's just say that in this case 'trial and error' is getting REAL OLD...
What does this line that you have in this email mean? That it's reading the
second line and saying that "jkane" already exists?

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2001/10/31 14:57:50| aclParseAclLine: ACL 'jkane' already exists with
different type, skipping.

Trial and error never hurts...

Peter Smith

Paul Harlow wrote:

Oops...meant to send to the list!

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From: Paul Harlow
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So with this in mind could I do the following:

acl jkane src
acl jkane dstdom_regex adams
http_access allow jkane

Instead? Simpler and from what you've stated, if I understand correctly,
this would do the same thing. Correct?

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Paul Harlow wrote:

acl jkanepc src
This one allows "jkanepc" with a source address of

Not quite. It defines the acl list "jkanepc" that can later be used to
allow/deny access in http_access.

acl jkane dstdom_regex adams
I'm assuming that the access list name is "jkane" and that this will read
anything with the name "adams" in the address field.


http_access allow jkane jkanepc
Finally, this ties the two together if I'm not mistaken. It ties the list
"jkane" with the "jkanepc" address, correct?

Sort of.

To be specific it allows the request if it matches both the "jkane" and
"jkanepc" acl lists.

Henrik Nordström
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