[squid-users] what is the better, squid 2.3 or squid 2.4, and other question

From: GECYT <t20384@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 01 Nov 2001 13:25:27 -0500

Hi all.

Somebody can say me, what diference betwen squid 2.3 and
family squid2.4stable#, and it last what it is better.
I ask this, because i had insttall the squid2.4Stable2 and
dont can permit the comunicaction among client IE nad squid,
he say me "load de sitie web" and a moment later, say me
Dont can load de sitie web.
I had uninstall squid 2.4 and install the packet squid2.3
and sucesufull run, i don have any problem. I need help me,
because i want that my prxy ask the user, name login and
passord and need install squid 2.4 in tar.gz, but i don know
as add new user, some can help me?

Say hello for all.
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