[squid-users] transproxy 1.4 squid 2.4 stable 2

From: brain_damaged <brain_damaged@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 15:28:46 -0500

I am trying to setup transproxy 1.4 to work with squid2.4stable 2

What I am trying to do for now is make it so when a
user on our lan or a user dials in to our pm3 that they are made to use the squid machine.

I am running freebsd 4.3 transproxy 1.4 and squid 2.4stable 2.
I want to setup it up so that lan and dail in users
automatically get sent thru the transproxy when surfing. I will set the Portmaster the default gateway to the TRANSPROXYIP when I get it right.

I recomplied the freebsd kernel to load the options

As per the transproxy instructions I set up in
tproxy -s 81 -r nobody SQUIDMACHINEIP 3128

Then at the freebsd prompted typed in
ipfw add 1000 allow tcp from TRANSPROXYIP to any 80
ipfw add 1010 fwd SQUIDMACHINEIP,81 tcp from any to any 80

I set my lan machines gateway to the TRANSPROXYIP
and seem to surf our local webserver but nothing else.

Still to new and learning not to see what I have mis
can anyone see what i boneheaded ?

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