Re: [squid-users] monitor for port 3138 and 3130

From: Deb Heller-Evans <>
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 14:19:27 -0800 (PST)

Meanwhile, Henrik Nordstrom says:
| GET <url> HTTP/1.0
| [blank line]
| where <url> is a URL you want to fetch via the proxy. If only probing
| then use for example one of the internal icons used in FTP directory
| listings...

All, yes, that looks familiar.

| ICP is UDP based so you cannot connect there. But you can send a ICP

UDP, of course! <Smack my forehead!>

| query message. The ICP message format is described in RFC 2186, and I
| think there is a Perl module on CPAN if you are using perl for your
| probes.

Ah, but I didn't know that. I'll follow up on that. Thanks!
| Also note that Squid can be monitored using SNMP. This can provide you
| with quite some details on how the proxy performs, and can easily be
| plotted using MRTG or a similar tool.
Yes, my monitor can do SNMP - although we don't really like to use it
in our environment. If I were to use it, wouldn't I need some
MIB info, though? Is that documented anywhere?

Thanks for the help Henrik,

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