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From: Paul Harlow <>
Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2001 09:33:24 -0700

Sorry about that...I sometimes forget how spoiled I am with broadband all
over the place.
Other than that I have no constructive input! ;)

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On Friday 02 November 2001 09:28, Paul Harlow wrote:
> How often does your cache update?
> At the risk of sounding simplistic, perhaps you wouldn't want to cache
> in for the numerous and frequent updates that M$ posts to it's site. From
> my perspective, I would avoid caching this site due to it's content.
> Another thought is that this is a "no-cache" header for M$'s various
> versions of Internet Explorer for the very same reasons. If someone's
> browser is set to not update then this could possibly override that for
> very same reason.

Have you ever tried to update 15 machines a day over a 56kb modem, when
are 50 or megs of updates for each machine? I only what to cache the cab
files, nothing else. When we move to ADSL, we will have a 19cent per MB
charge. So even that's not going to help much. All we need to cache is the
updates themselves, they don't change, we don't care about anything else on
the site(although the pictures appear to be giving hits). Can I do that?

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