[squid-users] migrating squid

From: Michal Medvecký <M.Medvecky@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sat, 3 Nov 2001 16:33:15 +0100

Hi folks,

We have upgraded our proxy machine, and installed squid-2.4-STABLE2.
It works fine for us, but next dorm (let's call it POD), which uses our proxy as a parent proxy,
has a problem using it.
When migrating from old machine, I've just copied the squid.conf file, modified
a little bit, and started new squid.

After connecting new machine as new cache, in couple of minutes, I got an e-mail
from admin of POD proxy, saying they can't use our parent proxy, that their squid
When he tries telnet to port 3128 of our proxy, the request is successfull and he gets
demanded data. Do you have any idea where could be the problem?
They're using the same squid version.



I hate tpyos.
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