[squid-users] TCP_HIT but want TCP_MEM_HIT

From: <ray.taft@dont-contact.us>
Date: 3 Nov 2001 10:03:22 -0800

Hey folks.

I am working on an HTTP Accelerator.. in testing.

Results have been positive so far, however, I am noticing two things in the logs that are drving me nuking futs .. maybe someone can help.

First. In testing, I am expecting to get a TCP_MEM_HIT (from memory) on the content cached, it's only one test site, and I am hitting it hard with ApacheBench, however, I keep getting a TCP_HIT (from disk). Am I reading the log file wrong, but is the cache server serving the cache from disk, and not from memory (the expected result)? If so, any ideas how I can force squid to go to memory or to load the content to memory?

I am looking at this doc for log interpretation.


The next problem is the file size data in the log.

This is important to me.

If I request a root HTML document from cache, the log will display the following information.

"GET HTTP/1.1" 200 905 TCP_HIT:NONE

Where is the file size?

Any idea how to force squid to log each file name served and every file size of the file served?


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