[squid-users] New version of group-ldap-auth released for 2.4.STABLE2

From: Tobias Crawley <tocrawle@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sat, 3 Nov 2001 20:34:24 -0500

I have just released a new version of the group-ldap-auth authentication
module and patch for Squid 2.4.STABLE2. The project has recently moved to
sourceforge.net, and the release can be downloaded from:

If you are running group-ldap-auth with a version of squid previous to
2.4.STABLE2, you should upgrade to this release since it contains several
bug fixes and enhancements. You should also switch to this release if you
are running a 2.4.STABLE2-ldap-auth built from a patch from a source other
than the project site on sourceforge, since this version may not contain
all of the bug fixes that are in the official release.

This release fixes the following bugs found in previous releases:

* DN's weren't properly compared: if a DN was stored in the directory as
  uid=tocrawle, ou=people,o=fatgut.org but was listed as a group member as
  uid=tocrawle,ou=people,o=fatgut.org authentication would fail. This is no
  longer the case.

* Squid would occasionally crash if the client failed to send a
  proxy-authorization: header.

* The auth module debug log no longer contains user passwords.

This release adds the following features to the group_ldap_auth auth module:

* Debug logging can now be turned on via a command line switch, and no longer
  requires the auth module to be recompiled.

* Debug logging now contains timestamp information.

* You can now specify on the command line the attribute used to find a group
  by name. The default is cn.

* You can now specify on the command line the objectclass of groups. The
  default groupOfNames.

* You can now specify on the command line the attribute used to denote
  membership in a group. The default is member.

Tobias O. Crawley / tocrawle@users.sourceforge.net
"Arrogance is quoting yourself" -Tobias O. Crawley
"Ignorance is quoting others" -Aaron T. Dixon

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