[squid-users] Control Incoming Bandwidth

From: William Carty <admin@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2001 18:22:07 -0500


I'm setting up a proxy for the first time & am currently starting to read
through the docs. I'm planning on trying to use Squid to control incoming
bandwidth to one of my web servers. Having said that, I have a theoretical
question for you.

Consider this simple diagram:

      | gateway |
      | firewall |
        +==+==+ Local LAN
        | hub | +---+
        +=====+ |
     +-----+ |
     | |
+----+----+ +----+----+
| Apache | | Squid |
| Server | | Proxy |
+---------+ +---------+

The gateway / firewall machine is running RedHat 7 & is using IPCHAINS /
IPMASQ to handle & route traffic to the inside. I had considered installing
Squid directly on that machine (as it would seem to have been easiest) but I
really don't think I have enough disk space to do it justice (only about 2
gigs on that box for about 11gigs of data on the web server).

Now, what I've thought about doing is setting up Squid on one of the other
machines behind the firewall & then having it somehow pass the traffic on to
the web server. Traffic bound for www.foobar.com would first pass through
the firewall; the firewall would send it on to the Squid box; Squid would
then fetch either the page or the file on the webserver & return it to the
user. As it stands right now, the firewall is port forwarding all traffic
on port 80 directly to the web server.

As I said, I'm just getting started & am reading the docs. I'm not looking
to be spoonfed (I reserve the right to take that back later ;-) ), but I
would at least like to know whether this sort of thing is doable before I
get in too deep. I'm sure it is, but I want to ask the experts.

Also, most of the docs I've read so far seem to deal specifically with
controlling outbound traffic, ie from users on your local lan. Are there
any good how-to's on setting up bandwidth throttling for inbound traffic

Thanks in advance.

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