[squid-users] gateway timeout question

From: Pat Lendon <plendon@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2001 13:04:36 +0000

Hi All,]

I am having trouble accessing a website.

I can get to the site's main web page:

However, I need to then click on the "login" button and that is when a
"timeout" occurs.

I am runnig Squid 2.4.STABLE2 on Unix and Linux systems. Using either
Squid or Apache, a timeout occurrs on the url:

Error message is:
HTTP/1.1 504 Gateway Timeout
The firewall did not receive a timely and complete response from the
upstream server it accessed in attempting to complete the request. This
may be due to one or more of the following: An incorrectly formatted
response from the web server, the web server suddenly became
unavailable, an overly congested network link between the web server and
the firewall, or extraordinarily high latency between the web server and
the firewall. The request seen by the firewall was: (same as url
listed above).

From the squid logs, I see error 500 (Internal Server Error).

The puzzle is, when I go home and use RoadRunner, I have no problem
clicking on the login button and there is no "timeout" for

What do you think might be the cause of the timeout? Is the above
website using an odd port (non-standard port) that the firewall at work
does not allow? I'm not sure exactly what is happening.

Thank you in advance,

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