[squid-users] What's the Difference between Proxy and Accelerator Mode?

From: Costa, Todd (DMH) <Todd.Costa@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 10:27:13 -0500

> Hi everyone,
> I am curious because of a recent post. If I am running a transparent
> proxy "per say" and have accelerator mode turned on. That means I am not
> running a proxy? Yet I have acl working nicely...for content control (no
> porn, not even by accident). I guess I need to understand this a little
> more from others.
> ---My Story---
> A couple of thoughts, I have followed the transparency setup notes
> that I have found on the subject. Once I got the settings I wanted up and
> running I moved to test it in production. (Could be wrong here) The only
> way, I actually got it to work for me was to tell my pc clients that the
> SQUID Box was their gateway via DHCP. Now I have got logging and control
> of http traffic using iptables for checking traffic and pushing it through
> Squid if it's http requests (port 80). Everything else passes on and out
> to the original gateway to where it needs to go.
> ---How you ask---
> First to overcome two problems. My first problem was to not have to
> ask for changes in the client settings within the browser (controlled by
> others) via NT reg policies. I wanted and needed to do this at the network
> level (my realm of responsibility). The other problem too, was I don't
> control the WAN Cisco router either (another party controls that). So I
> needed and wanted a way to avoid the politics but provide support to my
> direct customer as needed. That was why I choose transparency mode in the
> first place.
> ---Another Question---
> Based on what I said above, I really don't need transparency mode
> nor accelerator mode do I for my situation? Reason I say this is because I
> am using Iptables to redirect requests for port 80 to port 3128 then Squid
> goes through its acl lists and accepts or denies the request. The Linux
> Box is a gateway to a gateway right? I don't need accelerator mode because
> I am not servicing a local web server nor others for that matter.
> Transparent mode, well I am not certain if I need that now. Or even if
> that's what I have done here.
> Well, maybe someone can talk more about this... Thanks for listening
> if you have read this far.
> Todd M. Costa
> Cape & Islands Community Mental Health Center
> EDP II, LAN Manager
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