Re: [squid-users] DNS cache-only server question (fwd)

From: Deb Heller-Evans <>
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 19:47:29 -0800 (PST)


I have verified that it works in 2.4. Please see Henrik's
answer to Pablo back a month ago (yes we had this discussion).


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| Pablo Sanchez wrote:
| > Perhaps I'm not understanding you correctly, I apologize. But here's
| > what I do on my Linux box:
| The issue is with how the name is registered in DNS, combined with how
| your client resolver is configured (/etc/resolv.conf).
| > I tried adding a (dot at the end but this
| > didn't accomplish anything either -- problem is still there).
| Where/how are you adding this?
| Does nslookup now return the correct name, or does it still include
| > I tried that, making an entry in /etc/hosts and removing the entry in
| > the local DNS cache-only server and it didn't work unfortunately
| > either.
| A cache-only DNS server cannot by defintition contain entries. Not that
| it matters. Using /etc/hosts does work for faking hosts. Uses this
| technique frequently in testing for various purposes.
| > I appreciate your patience, any other suggestions? Should I hook
| > dnsserver with a wrapper? Or is there a switch within the IPC (I'm
| > assuming SQUID uses IPC's) to have SQUID not worry so much for FQDN?
| Squid uses three different host name resolution shemes
| a) Older Squids used the systems gethostbyname via dnsserver. However,
| to comply with HTTP standards only FQDN's are used from DNS. Depending
| on your system configuration this mechanism can be configured to first
| look in /etc/hosts where there is no FQDN restrictions (/etc/hosts isn't
| structured in hierarchical domains). If you can ping the address, but
| not nslookup it the system configuration should be fine for this use.
| b) Squid-2.3 defaults to using an internal DNS client only, ignoring
| /etc/hosts. Can be reverted to gethostbyname/dnsserver by compiling
| Squid with --disable-internal-dns.
| c) Squid-2.4 or later still uses the internal DNS client, but also reads
| /etc/hosts.
| Which Squid version are you using, and how is it compiled?
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