[squid-users] FW: Problems with POST upload of file

From: Anders Strandberg (EPL) <Anders.Strandberg@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001 14:11:25 +0100


We are running a squid 2.3.stable4 on Solaris 8. The problem is that file uploads to a corporate site does not seem to work correctly. Files are being partly uploaded (different results from time to time) and the clients are "Terminated abnormally (IE) or "Connection aborted" (NS) . All traffic should run through the proxy. Access logs says ( I think this is the adequate line that indicates the error) :

TCP_MISS/500 0 POST http://www.abc.com:10085/cgi-bin/some.cgi - DIRECT/www.abc.com -

I have been snooping on the proxy and found that a reset is sent from the www-server and window size becomes zero.

TCP: ----- TCP Header -----
TCP: Source port = 10085
TCP: Destination port = 62931
TCP: Sequence number = 343626418
TCP: Acknowledgement number = 0
TCP: Data offset = 20 bytes
TCP: Flags = 0x04
TCP: ..0. .... = No urgent pointer
TCP: ...0 .... = No acknowledgement
TCP: .... 0... = No push
TCP: .... .1.. = Reset
TCP: .... ..0. = No Syn
TCP: .... ...0 = No Fin
TCP: Window = 0
TCP: Checksum = 0xfa75
TCP: Urgent pointer = 0
TCP: No options

Sequence analyse indicates that the web server is waiting from more data and when it does not receive any it issuses first two new ACKs on the latest received packet and then a RST. Our proxy responds with ACKing the last ACK, but the web server has propably decided that it is too late and sends another RST.

Looking att client-proxy communication indicates that the proxys window is decreasing from at start of transfer from 33580 to 828.

I have tested with FTP upload of larger (~ 5 Mb) file than the above (~200K) to an external FTP-server and there was no problem.

I am quite out in the dark here , but is this a possible squid misconfiguration/error or is the cause to seek elsewhere (may in OS-config) ? Or is it a client-proxy communication problem. It is also worth mentioning that file download i from web-server to client via proxy is OK.

Does anybody have hint of where to dig ?

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