Re: [squid-users] Using Squid as accelerator with failover mechanism

From: Klavs Klavsen <>
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001 15:07:27 +0100

You can do that, with squid 2.5 and the rproxy.patch - which you can get -

you can also do it without the rproxy.patch - it just has less
functionality.. but if you are running only one site.. then you could
probably do fine without it..
then you would use the httpd_accel_* options.. see the docs from

if you want to "preload" everything in squid - the only way is to crawl the
site, with a wget -r f.ex. through squid.

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Hello list,

I didn´t found anything similar in the archives,
so I post a new question:

I want to use squid as an accelerator for one dedicated webserver with
special behavoir:

The webserver is up: Squid refreshes immediately when requested and store
The webserver is down: Squid gives back the cache content _until_ the
webserver is up again.

If that isn´t possible:
Perhaps I have to mirror the webserver´s content with "wget" or something
else to a webserver on the same machine where squid is installed.
The next question is: how force squid to use the mirror and switch back
to the real one...?

Any hints?


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