Re: [squid-users] WCCP

From: Marcelo Arruda <>
Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2001 12:39:19 -0200


Thanks for your help!

I have done the configuration on ipchains to redirect anything on port 80 to
port 3128 with the following rule:

-A input -s -d 80:80 -p 6 -j REDIRECT 3128

Is that the right rule or You meant another one?


>From: Joe Cooper <>
>To: Marcelo Arruda <>
>Subject: Re: [squid-users] WCCP
>Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2001 08:19:14 -0600
>Marcelo Arruda wrote:
>>Hello All,
>>Please help me. I have a very simple topology, a router connected to
>>Internet, my internal network and to my squid server. In order to have a
>>transparent proxy configuration I enabled WCCP in the router and in the
>>squid and loaded a module called ip_wccp which was found in this
>>site( The results of this configuration are:
>>-The router redirects the WEB requests to the squid
>>-The router and the squid keep exchanging packets like:" I see you" and
>>-The router recognizes the squid server as a WCCP peer
>>-The stations do not get any pages in the internet and the connection
>>stay in a SYN_SENT status
>>-GRE packets start coming to my squid server, but squid seems not doing
>>anything, or receiving any requests
>Here...Are you redirecting those packets to the Squid port? The ip_wccp
>module or ip_gre module only decapsulates the packet. You still have to
>set up the ipchains/iptables rules to redirect those packets to Squid.
>>-If I setup the browser to use a proxy and I point to the squid server
>Joe Cooper <>
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