Re: [squid-users] squid latency

From: Ahsan Ali <>
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001 21:29:48 +0500

Its not browser independent. I built two proxy servers - one ISA and one
Squid, identical hardware

P3-800s with 256MB ram and IDE disks

side by side, gave them parallel phone lines, connected to the same ISP
using similar accounts and tested performance across several client
machines. I used everything from Konqueror and IE to NetScape. It was the
same - the squid box was faster, but waited till it had loaded most of the
content on the page before starting to display anything. The ISA box was not
noticeably slower (because both proxies had low load on them and blank
disk/memory caches I presume) but it did start showing the page text before
any images had been downloaded. The Squid box displayed with a "burst" -
several images and most of the text in one go and then smoothly from then

This behaviour is consistent with an ISP Squid installation I did - even the
Cisco CacheEngine displayed content as it came in (similar to ISA) but the
Squid box again waited for a "large" portion of the page and items to
download before sending anything to the client.

I'm just looking for a way to reduce the number/size of data it
"prefetches/fetches" before starting to send data to the client.

-Ahsan Ali
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> I have faced the same problem of waiting if not for the whole page, it
does wait for most of the page. Probably some configuration parameter forces
it to do so, or is it Browser dependent.
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> > Hello guys,
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> > I've noticed that Squid, although more efficient at cacheing than other
> > proxies, waits to download the entire page before sending it to the
> It certainly does not. Content are forwarded to the client as soon as
> all reply headers have been received by Squid. I.e. usually after the
> first reply packet.
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> Henrik Nordström
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