[squid-users] problem memory usage reverse proxying (ClientInfo)

From: Brendan Keessen <brendan@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2001 10:08:10 +0100


We are using Squid for quite some time now for reverse proxying different
websites of ours. We got a problem that after some time Squid uses all
the server memory and Squid crashes. We are monitoring memory usage now
and as I can see in the cachemanager system, ClientInfo is absorbing
sometimes 70% off all the memory. In some cases 400/500 MB. Now here is
my question. How can we limit the memory usage of 'ClientInfo' (or maybe
disable it?). Off course we can restart Squid once in a while. But I don't
like the 'connections refused' which the clients will receive then :)

Bye the way:

We are using squid 2.4.1-4 and 2.3-4. Both versions have the same problem.


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