Re: [squid-users] Squid signal 6 ?

From: Jurgen Hart <>
Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2001 14:38:52 +0100

My Config

        OS : RH 6.2 Kernel 2.2.19
        Squid : 2.4 STABLE2

It's running very nice now I cleared out the cache directories, and all
seems to work now. I just not sure why squid locked up. I had a had
changed the debug_options to ALL,5 and previously I had 3 'cache_dir'
entries wich I reduced to 2 after that change I did a '-k reconfigure'.
My guess is that when I issued the '-k reconfigure' Squid did not
rebuild is list off objects in the cache. Because at the point squid
crashed in the access.log file there raised a lot of 'swap-fail' and so
i guess squid tried to rebuild the cache and that's when he screwed up.

Marc Elsen wrote:

> Hy,
> When I reconfigured squid with 'squid -k reconfigure' squid quited with
> a signal 6. Does someone has an Idea of what that could be ?
> You leave many info items undefined :
> - which OS ?
> - Which Squid version ?
> On BSD this has been known to happen due to gcc optimization BUGS;
> disable optimization when compiling SQUID.
> Also check for very big logfiles cachefiles
> and swap.state files in the cache
> dir(s).
> M.E.

Jurgen Hart
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