[squid-users] drop the codered and nimda in cisco router

From: hari_bhr <hari_bhr@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2001 21:02:07 +0530

hi all

i was going throgh the link in cisco
but iam not able to drop the request coming in
still iam able to see in squid box which is enabled with WCCP with cisco
lot of root.exe, .ida smd.exe requests. how do i drop them.
still i have accesslist in squid not serving any request, but iam getting
lot of traffic is coming in.
iam sure in my network no one got infected any one of the above

my setup is
have asymetical link with different provider
one priovider uplink
another provider is down link

iam getting lot of request from down link.

i have connected with cross cable with one of the ethernet port of 3640.
another ethernet port is connected to LAN

another 3620 ethernet port is connected to LAN
another Serial port is connected to UPLINK provider

can any one have same problem

help will be appriciate.


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