Re: [squid-users] squid latency

From: Ahsan Ali <>
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2001 19:49:07 +0500

So is there a way to fix this problem? Anyone with any suggestions?

-Ahsan Ali
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> i remember having this problem since forever. i think it's limited to
> html's table construct: when you have a table, netscape (that's what i
> to test this) does not display anything until it "has" the whole table.
> when using the same browser without squid, the data would show from the
> beginning of the transfer. i remember it was pretty evident while surfing
> the old site, and making a search that would return a lot
> of themes... when doing that on my T1 the server would show nothing for
> seconds, and then the whole page would appear, very fast. without using
> squid, like 20~30 themes would show per second, starting at second 1. so
> the T1 the wait would be of 5~10 seconds (not much), but for my dial-up
> customers, using the proxy would mean staring at netscape for 5+ minutes
> without seeing anything (when doing the same search at, and
> getting everything very fast.
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> Alberto Brealey
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