RE: Re: [squid-users] user authentication

From: Arindam Haldar <>
Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2001 22:05:00 -0500

Hi all

Thanx 4 ur help.. Allow me 2 reframe this Ques again !
>> 3) can squid read from any other file (manually maintained) for username to check for users to allow browsing/passing ??..if so how ??.. will those users be catched with squid database ?

>Squid does not care how you store the user names. It is up to you and
>the auth helper you use. The normal auth helper people use for manually >maintained password files is the ncsa_auth helper.

if I use a squid independent programme to authticate, which stores the current users list as plain text(only user name field), can squid use this file,which hence is dynamic updating, for allowing users for web ?.. if squid can then what r the fileds it wishes to seek in such files to let pass the user for web ?..(hence to sum this file is not used by squid auth but should be used by squid for valid users acceptance accessing web!!)
Another behaviour i have seen with squid pam/NCSA auth is that every instance of browser(IE & Netscape) needs to be autheticated--why so . ??

   ur help is always apreciated !
   thanx in advance


>Henrik Nordström
>Squid hacker

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