Re: [squid-users] rproxy

From: Henrik Nordström <>
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2001 15:16:04 +0100

On Friday 09 November 2001 11.02, May Lyn Lis wrote:

> Questions:
> 1. For the cache_peer tag, there are only 3 types:
> 'parent', 'sibling' & 'multicast'. What should I put
> here?

Origin servers are parents in the request flow. "rproxy" adds the flag
"originserver" for use when the parent is a origin server.

Maybe this gets consolidated into having a "peer" type of originserver before
the patch gets integrated into mainstream Squid. Feedback wanted.

> 2. When I run the squid, it prompts me the line no of
> cache_peer_access tag with the message "No cache_peer
> 'allow' ". Any advice?

You need to specify the name of the peer. See the description of

Henrik Nordström
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