[squid-users] wccp and freebsd

From: <AVZverev@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2001 05:11:34 +0600

Hello all

A have a lot of problem with subj structure.

I have a cisco2620 and on this cisco a have this wccp conf:

conf t
ip wccp version 1
ip wccp web-cache
in ser 0/0
ip wccp web-cache redirect out
on freebsd a have applied GRE patch, rebuild kernel, restart machine
on freebsd I have squid 2.4stable2
in squid.conf I have:
wccp_router my2620.ip.address.here
wccp_version 4
cisco found my squid on freebsd box... and nothing... in cisco (sh ip 
wccp web-cache detail) I see, that something is redirected, but on proxy 
in access.log nothing added. I dont see any connections to my freebsd 
box on port 80 or on port 8080 (where my proxy listen), only some 
connects on 2048 port on cisco and freebsd box.
what am I doing wrong?
sorry for my english :)
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