[squid-users] squid 4. cacheoff..

From: Klavs Klavsen <ktk@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 18:07:23 +0100

I heard from someone from squid-cache.org that there was gonna be a 4.
cacheoff in november, which was suppose to test squid as a reverse proxy..

And that's what I'm running.. - squid-head - with the rproxy.patch..

I just "tested" my squid, in a live setup, where it achived a little over
900 req/sec - for a short while - before it died.. (it didn't answer
requests - had to stop/start).

That was untuned.. I would like to know, If I can configure it to perform
better.. and to perhaps - instead of not serving costumers - it could just
not accept any more connections - when it reaches response times (or a max
conn) of a certain amount..

I thought of trying to tune max-window size and so on.. I would like to
know if any of you have any experience with tuning a squid box in this way
- to see how much I can squeeze out of it :-)

I have to compare squid with a CacheFlow box.. and the Cacheflow people
tell us they can serve many more req/sec..
but I ofcourse hope, that I can prove that the CacheFlow box, can't serve
more than twice what squid can.. cause then it pays to run squid instead..

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