[squid-users] squid rproxy - heavy load test.. summarization..

From: Klavs Klavsen <ktk@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 11:29:44 +0100

Hi guys,

To summarize..

The only reason I got the stress test from yesterday, was because of a
heavy unexpected load on several of our sites..
I forwarded the requests for only 1 of the webservers running cnn.dk site..
and it forwarded 900+ requests to the squidbox..

As I can't reproduce the load as it came to be yesterday, I'm gonna set up
some stress-test tools - to test how far I can push the squid in regards
to req/sec - and median service times..

Please tell me, if there are any tests/numbers or anything you would like
me to do.. and if you would like me to mail the results to you.

Questions at current:

1) Squid simply died at approx. 900 requests..
     - is there any way I can make squid - drop connections above this
limit - or something like that - so that some - say the first 900
requests/sec gets served..
       but if there are requested more than it can handle it simply drops
them.. or perhaps nicely queue them - so that it doesn't go above a certain
response time?

2) I will return with more debug stuff once I get a stress test environment
    - have you got any tips for what I can use? I've looked at Jmeter.. and
I'm gonna have a look at how the SpecWeb test runs..

3) I'm gonna try and tune it.. to see how fast it can get.. - and btw. I
got good news in regards to the comparison the the CacheFlow box.
    - the biggest - of their Fixed size boxes - "only" serves a guaranteed
1700 req/sec - and has max of 7.000 concurrent sessions.
   - I ofcourse want to push squid as close to that box as It can get.. but
the most important thing is that it doesn't freeze (see 1).
  - have you any tips for tuning squid-2.5 and Linux?
         - I'm gonna set the AIO proc amount to 100.. does that seem fair,
for a box that needs to deliver this kind of req/sec?
         - Anything else I can do.. to increase the max req/sec, the max
concurrent sessions, and the way it deals with Max loads?

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