RE: [squid-users] POST method problem Tarek Nabhan (Wed Oct 17 2001 - 09:06:29 MDT)

From: Jean Risk <>
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 20:55:44 +0200

This looks like a problem in squid.

The way I figured it is that some sites require that the post request
and the get request are issued from the same IP.
What happens is that the get request is issued from the parent squid IP.
But squid treats the post requests differently, as they should not be
cached, so, the post (by default) is not forwarded to the parent squid.
As a result, the post request and the get requests are issued from
different IPs.

It was fixed by forcing all the requests to pass through the parent
squid by using "never_direct allow all", which is a very bad solution.
I wish this could be solved in squid.

Henrik Nordstrom ( also says:
Can you please try a Squid-2.5 development snapshot. The way POST/PUT is

dealt with has been completely rewritten since Squid-2.4.

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From: Tarek Nabhan ("
Date: Wed Oct 17 2001 - 09:06:29 MDT

we have a problem with the post method in squid.

        when submitting the form below through 2 cascaded squid proxies,
the input parameters are not sent with the post method (or they are sent
incomplete or corrupt),
        and the clients are redirected to the site's default page.

        we have two instances of squid running.
        "squid1" is used by the clients as a proxy in their brwosers
        "squid1" forwards the requests to its parent proxy "squid2"
        We are using squid-2.4STABLE-2
        the http server is using IIS 4

        When I killed "squid2", everything worked fine.
        That means when using a single proxy, the post method works
fine. But when cascading proxies, it doesn't.
Is it a bug in squid, or missing configuration, or some problem in the

The form text is:
<form method=post


" name=linksForm>
<table BORDER="0" CELLSPACING="0" CELLPADDING="2" class="gadget">
<tr class="gheader">
<td class="gheader"><b>My Stock Quotes</b></td>
<td >&nbsp;</td>
<td >&nbsp;</td>
<tr class="gcontentsection">
<td class="gContentSection">
<td class="gContentSection">


src="<>" border=0></a>
<td class="gContentSection">&nbsp;

<tr class="gcontentsection"><td ><b>Add a Ticker symbol:</b></td><td
><input size=8 name=TickerSymbol maxlength=5></td>
<a href="javascript:validate();"><IMG
<tr class="gcontentsection">
<td align="right"><a
<td class="gContentSection">&nbsp;</td>
<td class="gContentSection">&nbsp;</td>
<input type="hidden" id=Add name=Add value="">
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