[squid-users] URL proxy question.

From: Hennie Rautenbach <hennie@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 16:07:19 +0200

Hi there folks,

I'd appreciate it very much if any of you can help me.

I'd like to configure a URL proxy (for lack of a better description) on
my squid server.

Users should point their browses to a defined URL and then all traffic
must be relayed via the squid server to a remote proxy defined URL.

As an example. I'd like to define something like
http://www.coolsite.co.za on my squid server which points to
http://www.coolsite.com All users who open the URL coolsite.co.za end up
at coolsite.com via my squid server and ISP. At coolsite.com the
registered source address should be my squid-server.

Is this possible ?

If so, do anyone have an example of the configuration ?

Any information would be appreciated.




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