[squid-users] nimda and squid

From: Vicky Shrestha <mail@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 10:56:34 +0530

Hello squid-users,

  I am running trasparent proxy servers with squid and have applied
  acl to block nimda but still the proxies server crashes very often
  due to nimda attacks.I can see the IP's attacking the server and
  need to block them out; And one more thing I can't block them out
  for ever because we are an ISP and IPs keep on changing.

  So I need a program that can detect nimda requests by monitoring
  squid access.log or any other way ,block those ips until it's online
  and remove them after a couple of minutes or so.

  Can anyone please help me out on this???

Best regards,
Vicky Shrestha  
System Administrator
World Link Communications                        mailto:mail@vickysh.wlink.com.np
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