[squid-users] Windows NT Keepalive

From: Jens Ueberschaer <ju@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 11:51:03 +0100

I am a newbie to the squid software, maybe that ist a stupid questions.

We use squid (squid2.3 Stable5) on NT 4.0 (I know linux is the better
choise, but my boss don't want to use linux) behind a firwall to speed up
the web an save some bandwith. Everything works fine.

But in our firwall log we got a mass off messages like this:

"Jun 07 18:07:27.321 ic-firewall kernel[0]: 301 Internal warning: TCP
[state: 3, inact ive for 42 secon ds] between IP-A dress/3128 and
timed out due to inactivity"

So that seems like a tcp keepalive problem. Squid opens the connection and
never use it again and the firewall drops the connection. Maybe squid does
not send the fin-Bit.
How can I configure squid to solve that problem? I read the manual, the
config-manual and searched the mailing list archive. But found nothing.

Any hint ??

Special thanks

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