[squid-users] FD 8192 , still ran out of file descriptors ?????

From: M. Faisal Hamid <bulletman@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 23:29:13 +0500


I am facing a strange situation, one of my cache squid-2.2Stable 4 on linux 7.0 compile options :

./configure --enable-delay-pools --disable-wccp
--enable-kill-parent-hack --enable-snmp --disable-internal-dns --enable-storeio=diskd,ufs
--enable-underscores --enable-async-io --enable-xmalloc-statistics --disable-ident-lookups

with ulimit = 8192, types.h updated with _FD_SETSIZE=8192

It still frequently runs out of file descriptors ? can someone shed some light what might be the cause ??

Where as other caches with exact same configs run perfectly alright.

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