[squid-users] Request for help, Squid-2.5 release notes

From: Henrik Nordström <hno@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 00:40:57 +0100

The Squid developers is in need of a person that can help us with documenting
what is new in Squid-2.5, and how to migrate from earlier Squid versions. (we
are all too lazy to write such a document.. much more fun coding)

If you feel that this is a job for you, please write to

Suggested draft outline of the document:
  * Brief introduction of the new version
  * News/changes in squid.conf options
  * News/changes in configure options
  * The new authentication schemes
  * Added authentication modules
  * how to migrate squid.conf from Squid-2.4
  * how to migrate squid.conf from Squid-2.3 (time permitting)
  * how to migrate squid.conf from Squid-2.2 (time permitting)

Henrik Nordström
Squid Hacker

MARA Systems AB
Giving you basic free Squid support
Priority support or Squid enhancements available on request
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