[squid-users] Offline Squid

From: Michael Carmack <karmak@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2001 03:50:38 +0000

Is there some way to force Squid to serve items from the cache when the
network (or an individual site) cannot be reached? Simply setting 'offline'
mode and restarting doesn't seem to do what I want--if I drop from the
network, I can only reach pages that have been visited _very_ recently
this way (within the past hour or so).

The idea here is that when, for whatever reason, a particular site cannot
be reached, I'd prefer Squid to serve up the page from cache no matter
if it's considered stale or not.

I've considered increasing the 'max' time on refresh_pattern, but I
don't think that's really the solution I'm looking for. Besides, the
default of 4320 minutes (?) doesn't seem to be working for the majority
of sites I've tested, at least not in the way I would expect (admittedly
I'm a novice at this though).

An article on oreillynet[1] says the following:

    Unfortunately many of the features of Squid's offline mode appear to
    have largely vanished during the development of the Squid 2.x series.

Is this true? If so, how/why?


[1] http://linux.oreillynet.com/pub/a/linux/2001/08/02/offline_squid.html
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