Re: [squid-users] Squid 2.3.3 vs Squid 2.2.5

From: Henrik Nordström <>
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 13:20:35 +0100

On Tuesday 20 November 2001 11.36, Lorenzo wrote:

> I've got a problem: I'm running two squid server, first one is Squid 2.2.5
> running on Intel based RedHat 7.1, while the other is Squid 2.3.3 running
> on Sparc Solaris 8. I've notice what follows: on 2.2.5 I cannot handle
> multiple squid instances (i.e. 2 processes running on different ports),
> while I can do this on 2.3.3.

You sure can. Same restrictions on both versions in that they cannot share
ports or cache. If the instances are configured to not share anything then
running more than one is no problem, and has never been.

Please remember that you need to have all ports unique, not only the
http_port. You also need to care for any ICP, SNMP or HTCP ports your Squid's

> But when I try to make an ACL on 2.2.5 with destination server names,
> it works fine on 2.2.5 (i.e. works for,,
> but not on 2.3.3 (i.e. in the case above doesn't
> works at all, I have to manually specify,,
>,etc.).Am I wrong with something or is this supposed to happen
> ?

You need to use for matching a domain. Without the leading dot it
only matches the exact host name. This has been a bit inconsistent in earlier
Squid releases.

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