Re: [squid-users] users proxy IP

From: Daniel Barron <>
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 15:37:11 GMT

In message <> you wrote:
> Squid needs a flexible log format implementation similar to the "custom"
> log format of Apache.

It certainly does. It would be very useful.

> If you make a reasonable one it is very likely to get incorporated into
> mainstream Squid.

It is unlikely that I would be able to do this, mainly due to lack of spare
time. But you never know.

> Likevise for a X-Forwarded-For ACL match.
> To get started, the ACL match is probably simpler.

OK, I'll have a go.

> Anyone wanting to take active part in the Squid development process are
> most welcome to do so. See for details.

Thanks for that info I shall have a look at the procedures etc and see what I
can do.

> Regards Henrik Nordstrm Squid Hacker


Daniel Barron
Received on Tue Nov 20 2001 - 09:08:35 MST

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