[squid-users] preventing overload

From: Klier Rainer <Rainer.Klier@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 10:08:51 +0100


2 questions concerning load:
- is it possible to do loadbalancing of parentproxies
  depending on the average reponsetimes (or throughput)
  of parentproxies?
  Background: we have 2 parentproxies, one close to
  us, the other about 160km away. If the first proxy
  responds slower and slower, I would automatically
  like to give more load on the second proxy.
- Is it possible to restrict the concurrent open connections
  to a dstdomain to a fixed number?
  Background here: if there are worldwide news, that
  are of interest for many people, everyone tries to
  get these infos from www.cnn.com or www.spiegel.de
  and within minutes, these sites are overloaded.
  This results in the proxy trying to open more and
  more connections to these sites and then no other
  traffic is possible. Although the problem then
  is at www.cnn.com or www.spiegel.de, our proxies
  won't work anymore and we cannot guarantee our
  service levels.

Thanx so far!


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