[squid-users] FTP-gateway through SQUID

From: Zebbe . <zeb75@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 05:44:48 -0800

Is it possible to connect to an URL like this through SQUID??


When I try to do it through my squid-proxy(2.4Stable2) I get this error:

The following URL could not be retrieved:
Squid sent the following FTP command: 
       CWD dir1
and then received this reply 
       dir1: Zugriff wurde verweigert. 
This might be caused by an FTP URL with an absolute path (which does not comply with RFC 1738). If this is the cause, then the file can be found at
That doesnot work either.. Eventually this link is filled with %2f-encoding. In the RFC i could read some about this but I didn't quite get it.. Can someone help me?
What can I do in squid to make this work? Is it possible?
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