[squid-users] Re: https squid acceleration mode

From: Henrik Nordstrom <hno@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 15:14:58 +0100

The SSL extension to Squid is integrated into the upcoming Squid-2.5 release.
Allows Squid to act as an SSL server, fetching content from your real servers
using HTTP.


On Thursday 22 November 2001 13.42, E?ry Szabolcs Zsolt wrote:
> Dear Henrik!
> At first sorry for direct mail to you, but as I read the
> squid lists you have resolved a lot of problem, and you
> are the current owner of ssl acceleration squid patch.
> I want to set up a squid reverse proxy server,
> what provides access to a resered hosts through https only
> to an inside webserver (to its separate directory).
> We want to protect this central web server from outer attacks,
> DoS etc, with a reverse proxy function.
> I try to set-up squid in httpd_accel mode (with no proxy), but I
> could connect only through http. I read the available docs, and
> if I understood the documentation right squid not yet supports
> SSL acceleration officially. But on list I found some mail, what said
> that
> it's not impossible, but don't write the solution, so now I
> don't know what is the truth.
> SSL acceleration works only with the SSL gatewaying patch,
> and unfortunately it's still not accomplished? Is there any other
> solution, have you a good idea to resolve the problem?
> I hope you could answer my question, and maybe have some
> idea to resolve the problem.
> With best regards:

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