[squid-users] address already in use-error with -k reconfigure

From: Christian Mascher <christian.mascher@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 20:02:16 +0100


at our school we use squid on a linux-server as an internet-proxy. On
different occasions we need different behaviour of the cache
(internet-cafe: user access is restricted to known users; free access:
every user can use the cache/web-access). Therefore, we copy one of
several squid.conf-files to /etc/squid.conf and run
squid -k reconfigure, when starting/closing an internet-connection via

Most of the time we have no problems, but sometimes (once a week or
less) this results in an error of the sort:
 cannot bind to port 3128, address already in use
and squid dies. (Annoying, because if noone is around to restart the
cache, access to the web is impossible in the whole network.)

As far as I can see, noone except squid himself is occupying the port.
So something seems to go wrong in the reconfigure-process. Or is this a
completely different problem??

I read in the archive about someone with a similar problem, but they
actually killed and restarted squid, and somebody pointed out that it
could be appropriate to wait in between and make sure, that squid really
got killed before restarting him (avoid "address already in

But that leaves me with no clue to our situation (we don't want to stop
squid-- on the contrary, we want to be sure he is working all of the
Any hints to what we can do about it?


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