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From: Mark Tinka <>
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 21:34:10 -0800 (PST)


even then, if Yahoo accepts POP3 connections, all u need to do is specify the name of Yahoo's POP3 server in your Outlook, which I think would be the name of the Yahoo mail server that hosts your mail account.. in this case as well, u don't have to worry about Squid.. Squid will only handle HTTP protocols, not POP3... what u will need to do is setup Yahoo's POP3 mail server in your mail client, and then use your gateway's IPChains/IPtables masquerading techniques to transparently connect you to Yahoo's port 110... this will have nothing to do with your Squid process...

u may even decide to use IMAP on your mail client, as i understand Outlook supports that.. even with this route, u will simply type in the name of Yahoo's IMAP server... this will also bypass your Squid process..

i am afraid Squid will only be able to parse the HTTP protocol.. any other protocol will be treated by youe masquerading technique..

good luck..


--- "The Learner Learner" <> wrote:
>Hey I think u did not get my Question..
>I wanna access from Outlook Express the POP3 Mails of Yahoo..
>I have Squid as my Internet Proxy Server..
>Please let me know what modifications I have 2 make so as to download all my
>mails using the Proxy Server..
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>> if u are accessing POP3 and SMTP through the Linux server that hosts your
>squid process, and are using IPchains or IPTables, u will not have to worry
>about thinking that u are accessing your mail through Squid... what actually
>happens is that Ipchains and IPTables transparently passess POP3 and SMTP
>requests to your POP3/SMTP servers through the same Linux server that hosts
>your squid process...
>> all u have to do is specify your SMTP/POP3 server in your mail client, and
>then specify your default gateway as your gateway server.. if u are running
>squid on your gateway server, so be it.. squid will only respond to the HTTP
>protocol.. if u need to access your POP3 and SMTP server, IPchains will take
>care of this and just route your packets through...
>> just esnure that u have enabled Masquerading..
>> good luck..
>> --- "Cameron Lowe" <> wrote:
>> >You are unable to access email servers through Squid. Squid is a http/ftp
>> >proxy server, not a mail server.
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>> >> Hey I have installed SQUID(Squid/2.3.STABLE4) as my Proxy Server.
>> >> The client Operatig System is Windows 2000.
>> >> I make use of Outlook Express as my Email client.
>> >> My problem is ..
>> >> How can I Access other POP3 Accounts..But I am not able 2 do so...
>> >> Please help me how to access these POP3 Servers or SMTP Servers through
>> >> SQUID..
>> >> TIA
>> >> -TL
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