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From: Estevam Viragh Junior <estevam.viragh@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 08:51:12 -0300

I’m a Squid newbie,
        (Really sorry for that, I'm new on this list and actually, I'm
testing it to see if I can ask this sort of beginner's questions...)
and I’m trying it as a replacement for MS-Proxy...
        (1 - Does some body did it before? 2 - Any conclusions?)

I necessarily have to use some kind of authentication,
        (NTLM, I think would be easier to our users, but I'm thinking
about deploying LDAP to use with Qmail too, 3 - any experiences???)
to ALL clients, because a have roaming users.
        (which sit at different workstation, even on different subnets,
each time).

So, the point is to give access to a given user, and allow or deny some
4 - It is possible?
5 - Is It possible to, in a different way, handle connections on
different inbound ports(and or IP address)?
        (e. g. 3128 to ordinary users, 3129 for Managers, 3130 for
6 - Multiple instances of squid, with different squid.conf, and
separately logging?
7 - Does it do Socks Proxy (if so, 4 or 5)?

        (some of this questions I have not found answer on

Thanks in Advance,
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