Re: [squid-users] accelerator: serving cached objects even if 'httpd_accel_host' is down

From: Brendan Keessen <>
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2001 13:39:03 +0100


On Thu, Nov 22, 2001 at 03:37:46PM +0100, Henrik Nordstrom wrote:
> Squid initiated revalidations of cached content gives the old content if
> Squid fails to contact the origin server.
> However, if the client somehow has indicated it do not want cached content
> (reload request or whatever) this won't help.

I have a test setup (squid in accelerator mode )for my site and I have
the following refresh_pattern (just for testing):

refresh_pattern . 5 20% 4320 override-expire override-lastmod reload-into-ims ignore-reload

All the objects are cached for minimal 5 minutes and clients can't force
a reload.

As I, for example cache the front page off my site in the Squid
accelerator and then stop apache. I receive the cached object for some
time but after 5 minutes I receive the error 'connection failed'. This
is wat I want Squid to prevent from doing. Is it possible that squid
doesn't refresh objects (in accelerator mode) when the host for which
he accelerates is down.

I hope I made my point clear to you ;-)



> Regards
> Henrik
> On Thursday 22 November 2001 12.54, Brendan Keessen wrote:
> > I got a question about Squid when using Squid in accelerator mode.
> > Is it possible to let squid serve 'correct' cached objects (no connection
> > failed) even when the host for which we accelerate is down?
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