Re: [squid-users] 2.5 - stable?

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2001 18:41:12 +0100

Klier Rainer wrote:

> when is squid 2.5 expected to go stable?

When the last known important bugs have been fixed.. currently waiting
for some fixes to diskd and to the NTLM authentication scheme.

The plan is that there will first be a 2.5.PRE-STABLE announced here for
testing. If the test period turns out well then there will be a official
2.5.STABLE1, if not there will be another PRE-STABLE release and a new
test period.

Anyone having a lab system are most welcome to start testing the
Squid-2.5 daily snapshots whenever they like. Bugs found before
2.5.PRE-STABLE should be reported to the Squid-dev mailinglist, and MUST
contain a detailed problem description including date of the snapshot,
OS type/version, stack traces on fatal errors or segmentation faults.

Please do not switch production systems to Squid-2.5 just yet unless you
have a compelling reason to do so (such if you depend on another patch
that requires Squid-2.5).

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