Re: [squid-users] DOKU IN DEUTSCH ?

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2001 20:57:25 +0100

Hi Thomas

To set up WCCP there is a number of steps you need to perform

a) Get familiar with Squid operation as a normal proxy

b) Learn how to intercept TCP traffic on your operating system of choice.

For Linux-2.4 the interception method is netfilter/iptables, using the
REDIRECT target. Also requires Squid to be compiled with support for
netfilter (see configure --help)

c) Configure Squid properly for transparently intercepting traffic.

Step 'b' and 'c' is most easily tested by having a station on the same
network as the proxy server, using the proxy server as default gateway/router.

d) Get WCCP support for your operating system. On linux this is either the
ip_wccp module, or a modified GRE module.

e) Configure Squid and your router for WCCP.

Henrik Nordström

On Sunday 25 November 2001 10.27, Buchroth Thomas wrote:
> Hello SQUID users,
> I look for a long time time for a documentation in German language. Since I
> try a Cisco some weeks 2600 via WCCP with a Squid Proxy, Kernel 2.4 /
> ipchains, to connect, slowly I can deliver this "gestammle" this of the
> translators yearns :-(, it comes only garbage out.
> it possibly must however either to get the documentation in German or to
> use at least so simple words clearly come this a translation program with
> it.
> I will also send this text through an online-translator

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