[squid-users] NT challange/response authentication method

From: --==[bMan]==-- <bman@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2001 18:37:20 -0500

To give you an idea what I am doing, here is a rough layout:

      Non-caching, non-quid proxy
        | |
   squid proxy1 <--------> squid proxy2

Non-caching web server is the only one that has a direct access to the
Internet. I can't control it so it's out of the picture. The only ones I
can control are SP1 and SP2. I used them for caching thus cutting down on
bandwidth usage on our internal network. Non-caching proxy does not run
squid so I do not query its cache. Any requests that my cache proxies do not
know about I forward directly to the main proxy.

This works just fine. However, if a client does not make an exception for
local sites (as you can imaging, this is on the corporate network) meaning my
proxy would be handling such a request, any site that requires MS
challenge/response authentication does not work. The authentication box
simply does not pop up and I get 404 error or something along these lines.

My questions are:
        "Is it Squid issue and if it is, is there a fix for this?"
        "Is it MS issue and if it is, is there a fix for this?"

Thanks in advance.

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