[squid-users] ~~!!fack data, ftp pro!!~~

From: nehal p patel <squid_nehal@dont-contact.us>
Date: 26 Nov 2001 06:45:53 -0000

Hello, I m using squid 2.3Stable4 under linux 2.2-16. My squid work very fine but as soon as i open www.suratelectricity.com it shows me fack data. Means web site is updated but when i open it; it shows me old site. Is this problem at webserver? What is problem? Is this bug? And another problem is for ftp. I am using Accelerator mode in squid. I use "masq" in ipchains. but my many clients complain me that they successfully loging there ftp site but when they use "ls" command they got "500 illegal port command error opening data scoket" . what is cousing problem??? Please help me... Thanks in Advance. Yours faithfully, Nehal.....:)
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