[squid-users] proxy autoconfig

From: Reischl, Brian <breisch@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 11:21:24 -0600

Hi all,
  I'm migrating from Netscape proxy to Squid 2.4 STABLE2, and trying to make
it work with some Netscape v4 browsers. The problem is that the browsers
were configured to look to the Netscape proxy for an autoconfig (proxy.pac)
file. In order to avoid reconfiguring all the clients (there are lots) I
need to run the new Squid on the same server & port, and have it serve the
  I've set up an Apache server that can serve the proxy.pac file, and a
redirector process that will rewrite URLs. The problem is that Netscape
doesn't send a properly formatted proxy request but rather a regular HTTP
GET request. Since it isn't properly formatted Squid returns an "Invalid
URL" error before the redirector ever sees the request. In fact, the
requests don't even make it into the access log.

  I looked through the mailing list archives, but the only reference to this
problem that I found suggested trying what I already have (redirector &
separate HTTP server). I'm thinking that it might work if I set up Squid to
do acceleration to the HTTP server as well as general proxying. Has that
been tried, and if so does anyone have hints, instructions, etc?

Thanks in advance,
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