[squid-users] RELEASE entries are missing in store.log

From: Dmitriy Dolgikh <ddolgikh@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 22:00:09 +0400


I have a problem with analysing the store.log file.

The FAQ states that each time a file goes to cache squid puts
a string with SWAPOUT directive to the store.log file, and
when an object is released squid puts RELEASE directive
to the same file.

Is this works as I've described?

I had squid running for a month with cache_dir set to be 2G.
After I analysed my store.log and access.log all together.
From the access.log I have extracted all URLs requested only
once during this month. Then I was finding for SWAPOUT and
RELEASE directives for these URLs. And I've found that
from 245232 URLs were released only 243!
It means that my cache should consists of at least 244989
files and with mean size of my files equal 13687 bytes
it gives more than 3.1G!!!
And it is only for once requested URLs!!!
I'm sure that my cache did not exceed 2G, and I think
that squid do not put RELEASE directive to the store.log
correctly (or both SWAPOUT and RELEASE).
Is that right?
or where could be a problem?

More generally speaking I need to find a way to calculate
a time span between a moment when a document enters
to cache and a moment when it was evicted from there by
any reason. Could someone help me, please?

My squid is 2.4 STABLE 2.

Dmitri Dolgikh, phone: 07 8462 703162
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Samara State Aerospace University; Samara, Russia;
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