[squid-users] Re: no dns_defnames w/ --disable-internal-dns

From: Henrik Nordstrom <hno@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 23:49:22 +0100

"Reischl, Brian" wrote:

> I hope this belongs on this list-- if not I apologize. I believe
> I've found an inconsistency in the way configs are handled. In trying
> to make dns_defnames work, I recompiled using --disable-internal-dns,
> set my configs as below, but still it wouldn't work.
> cache_dns_program (squid_home)/libexec/squid/dnsserver
> dns_children 5
> dns_defnames on
> It turns out that if append_domain is enabled, dns_defnames is
> silently ignored.

Probably the case as the DNS resolver then sees the appended names per
your Squid configuration.

> There are other symptoms-- if dns_timeout or
> dns_retransmit_interval are set Squid will give the usual error about
> unrecognized configs when started up.

True. These directives are only valid when using the internal DNS

Squid-2.5 has been extended to indicate in squid.conf.default which
directives are available, and what configure option one needs to use to
enable the unavailable directives like the following for

# TAG: cache_dns_program
# Note: This option is only available if Squid is rebuilt with the
# --disable-internal-dns option

Neither of the two approaches to domainless host names is perfect. Squid
is in need of a smarter option, not plagued by the concerns of
hierarchies etc, or limited by the DNS search list capabilities. It
would be perfect if Squid could be compiled with a list of search
templates, and return a redirect when finding a match. This would allow
Squid to perform really smart searches.


search template: marasystems.com www.*.se www.*.com www.*.org

Which would allow the following expansions:

www -> www.marasystems.com
marasystems -> www.marasystems.com
aftonbladet -> www.aftonbladet.se
qwest -> www.qwest.com
linuxvirtualserver -> www.linuxvirtualserver.org (at least until some
domain bugger has hijacked the .com variant)

Today, one must use a redirector helper the get such behavior.

Henrik Nordström
Squid Hacker
Received on Wed Nov 28 2001 - 16:23:24 MST

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