[squid-users] ~~!!fack data!!~~

From: nehal p patel <squid_nehal@dont-contact.us>
Date: 29 Nov 2001 10:51:30 -0000

Hello, I m using squid 2.3 stable4 on linux 7.0. squid is running But when i try to open a site www.njindiainvest.com. it shows me fack data. when i open this site on another m/c which bypass my squid and go directly to router it shows me the real data. I delete all contains of my Temporary Internet Files on my own windows 2000 pc then i try , but didnot get success. What is the problem? Is squid not update his cache automatically? Is this bug? Please reply me if you have same problem.. Thanks in Advance. Yours faithfully, Nehal.......:)
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