Re: [squid-users] ICQ and Squid

From: Mark Tinka <>
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 14:36:26 +0000 (GMT)

my guess is u are using some kind of UNIX.. Linux or
otherwise..... if so, then u should not try to
associate the operation of your ICQ, MSN or whatever
with your squid server....

if u are using IPchains or IPtables, u probably are
doing some kind of masquerading.. this allows u to
transparently pass internet-based packets as though
each of your LAN machines were directly connected to
the internet, with a public IP address....

Squid will only handle your HTTP requests/packets..
MSN and ICQ, on the other hand, use different
ports/protocols, and will be handled by your
firewall/masquerading technique..... all u have to do
is: don't enable MSN's, ICQ's or any other program's
proxy options, and have your UNIX gateway/squid server
as the default gateway to all your client machines...
when u try to connect ICQ or MSN to the net..they will
connect automatically, bypassing the squid process
like as though it wasn't there...

good luck..


 --- Rafael Bayona <>
wrote: > Thank to you guys, specially Henrik, my squid
> server is working. I got
> to say I'm impressed, It wasn't that hard to
> configure, and it's really
> faster than the previous one (MSProxy)
> But not fine at all. I'm having problems with ICQ,
> MSN Messenger, Morpheus,
> Audiogalaxy, real audio, etc. I've investigated
> about what ports they use,
> and they seem to be opened to me. (Acording to the
> line
> acl Safe_ports port 80 21 443 563 70 210 1025-65535
> What can I do to make those services to work?
> I also want to create user groups, validating their
> usernames. Each group
> will be able to use different ports, and also
> different bandwidths. For what
> I've read, I'll have to use a daemon for the
> username validation .... and
> that the best ones is MSNT_AUTH ... But I can't find
> it, nor install it (How
> do I install it?, I just downloaded
> msntauth-v2.0.tgz). I'm really lost
> here.
> By the way, I'm confused here: Is squid an http
> proxy, socks proxy or both
> of them? Is SOCKS4 o SOCKS5? If not, is there a way
> to make it able to work
> like one?
> Thanks for your help,
> Rafael
> PS. Useful info for you
> acl all src
> acl lared src
> acl manager proto cache_object
> acl localhost src
> acl SSL_ports port 443 563

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